It was not an easy task to sell our mother’s estate property, which had a lot of differed maintanence issues, and negotiate between 5 siblings. But Rimma had it done. We all appreciated her professionalism, knowledge and patience in dealing with all the emotions and financial stress of the situation.

If you want things done – hire Rimma.



Rimma provided me with superior service. She not only communicated clearly and consistently, she stayed on top of all the details. On top of that, she was always pleasant and reachable. She went way beyond that. The previous owners had refinanced and their title company did not release the original mortgage. The debt on title was twice what I was paying, and our title company would do nothing to help. Rimma rode to the rescue and researched the old mortgage company. They were out of business. She did not give up. She then went to an obscure organization called MERS that keeps track of all that and convinced them to tell her who might be able to clear the old huge mortgage. She then convinced that other company to take a risk and clear the mortgage! That is just one part of the stellar service she provided. I have worked with literally hundreds of Realtors in a dozen states, and not one exceeded Rimma. No one is perfect, but no beats Rimma.



It was a real honor work with Rimma in the sale of our family home, where I was born and raised. Even though I live 3 hours away and didn’t meet her till the sale was final , she made it easy. The house needed $100,000 in repairs just to bring it up to code. She saved us money by suggesting we sell as is. After reading inspectors report, I was very worried about the price we could get. When she suggested her listing price, I thought she was crazy, that we would never get that much. Well, a week later we had the best cash offer from an investor for $60K over her suggested list price.

Rimma is wonderful and straight to the point. Her partner Joel was very helpful in calming my brother as the family home was sold.
I highly recommend Rimma.



Rimma was absolutely wonderful to work with. She helped us to settle our son’s estate and sell his property even the property’s value was less than the amount owed. She was able to negotiate with the lender, have some of the estate expenses paid and gave us peace of mind.

Thank you Rimma, for making it so efficient and easy for us.