about rimma ludovico, j.d. & REALTOR®


Rimma Ludovico brings 20+ years of real estate sales experience to service her clients’ real estate needs in all major counties of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Over the years she assisted:

  • the buyers to achieve their dream of homeownership at the price they could afford
  • helped sellers to maximize the proceeds from the equity they built in their homes
  • guided the probate executors and administrators through the probate process, and sold their probate, trusts, and estate real estate properties to maximize the profit to the estates
  • worked with investors to realize the maximum return on their investments
  • helped over 150 families to avoid foreclosures by assisting them with loan modifications or negotiating the short sales with the lenders.

She earned the Doctor of Jurisprudents from the Golden Gate University in 2019 and now is working toward earning her Master of Law in Estate Planning Degree. Knowledge of probate process and litigation combined with 20+ years of real estate sales experience makes Rimma an invaluable resource to her probate executors and administrators clients. 

In addition, Rimma always keeps current and educates her clients on all the developments of the realities of the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market.